Who We Are

“George D. Behrakis RESEARCH LAB”


The George D. Behrakis Research Lab is a State-of-the-Art laboratory for Lung Function Testing. It was donated by the Behrakis Foundation, Boston MA to the Hellenic Cancer Society on September 15, 2008.


Our Beginnings & Advance


The Lab began its activity initially under the name “Smoking and Lung Cancer Research Center”, providing routine and sophisticated Lung function tests to referred patients.

Enthusiastic young researchers, designed and integrated numerous research projects, regarding the respiratory health effects of active and passive smoking. Studies of the immediate health effects on lung function of different smoking devices were designed and carried out. Combustible cigarette, cigar, water-pipe, electronic cigarette, have all been studied leading to over 30 publications and several conference presentations.

In September 2015 in the context of reformation and advance, the Lab underwent changes in several aspects.
The former “Smoking and Lung Cancer Research Center” was renamed as to honour our benefactor, to “George D. Behrakis Research Lab”. A new logo design derived from the creative merge of the word “Lab” and the benefactor’s initials.

Of utmost importance is the collaboration with the Institute of Public Health-The American College of Greece that started in September 2015.


The mission of the LAB is to follow the scientific and technological advances in the field of lung function as well as to contribute and support tobacco prevention through scientific and educational means. [+]


Over 10 years of operations have led to the formation of a dynamic, multidisciplinary and passionate team of experts. Respiratory physicians, public health specialists, nurses, biologists, psychologists, and bio-technicians work together in synchronized harmony toward medical, educational and social research excellence. [+]


Through the LAB’s mission and aims, our team works in close collaboration with many distinguished institutions at both a local and international level. The close relationship between the LAB- Hellenic Cancer Society and the Institute of Public Health-The American College of Greece is reflected by the shared efforts under the SMOKEFREEGREECE initiative. [+]


High personal and professional ethical standards drive the team’s devotion to social and volunteer activities. [+]


  • Certified by the Board of Athens Medical Association as a “Clinic-Lung Function Lab” (31/07/2018)

Our Benefactor.

George D. Behrakis is a Greek-American scientist and philanthropist. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry where he established a distinguished career as a researcher, entrepreneur and businessman developing drugs of major pharmaceutical importance such as Tylenol and founding several pharmaceutical companies. [+]