Supported PhD Studies


Marios Kougias

“The Immediate Effects Of Smoking On Pulmonary Function Testing,Breath Sound Analysis And Exhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) In Young Adults”

Aris Anagnostopoulos

“A study on the Mechanical equivalent (model) of Tidal Breathing : focus on the combinatorial analysis of Volume, Flow and Acceleration”


Ηara Stathopoulou

“The effects of passive smoking on respiratory system mechanics of healthy non smokers, in different body positions”


Rania Kairi

“Immediate effects of secondhand smoking in healthy non-smokers. The effect of time duration and level of exposure”


Anna Tzortzi

“Reference Values for Lung Function Tests in the 16-24 Age Range: Spirometry, Flow-Volume and Impulse Oscillometry”


Marina Demi

“The Implementation of the European Smoking Cessation Guidelines in patients with coronary heart disease”