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Anna Tzortzi

Pulmonologist MD, FCCP

Anna Tzortzi, MD, FCCP, obtained her Medical Degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Medicine and her specialization in Pulmonology from the “Athens Chest Disease Hospital Sotiria” (1986-1990).

She worked as a Consultant Pulmonologist in the Respiratory Department of the “General Hospital of Aghios Nikolaos, Crete” from 1991 until 1993 when she set up her private practice in Pulmonology in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete along with a working collaboration with the Social Insurance Institute (SII) (1993–2001).
Relocating to Athens in 2003, she worked as a Consultant Pulmonologist in the Respiratory Department of the “Henry Dynant Hospital” (2003 –2007) and the “Athens Medical Center” (2007 –2015).

Since 2011, she holds the position of Scientific Director at the “George D. Behrakis RESEARCH LAB” of the Hellenic Cancer Society and Associate Director at the “Institute of Public Health”- The American College of Greece. Dr. Tzortzi is an experienced Respiratory Physician, Clinician, Lung Function Testing Specialist and Researcher with special interest in Respiratory Physiology and on the impact of active and passive smoking on Lung Function. She has translated and edited books on Respiratory Physiology and has performed studies regarding the effects of smoking different tobacco products (cigar, cigarette, e-cigarette, water/pipe on respiratory mechanics and exhaled NO). Currently she is the principal investigator of the TACK-SHS study, “Clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions on the respiratory system”. In addition she is associate coordinator of the “Joint Action on Tobacco Control”, a European Commission project for the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive in the European Union.

As a member of the “Social Mission Medical Clinic», and the NGO “Symplefsi” offers medical services to citizens in need and citizens of the remote islands respectively.