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Dimitris Kagkos

Dimitris Kagkos holds Engineering degrees in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, with postgraduate studies in Astronautics, Business Management and Technical Audit. He has attained professional certifications, among others, in Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Negotiations, Quality and Environmental Audit. Dimitris has extensive professional experience as a Manager and Consultant in manufacturing, logistics and the service sector,...


Penelope Stambouli

After having completed her studies at the Department of Economics (University of Athens), Penelope approached the health and pharma sector from different perspectives. As she wanted to concentrate her finance background to a specific area, she attended the MSc program of the National School of Public Health, Health Units Management. Her career path led her...


Constantine Vardavas

Constantine Vardavas MD, RN, MPH, PhD is a medical epidemiologist specialized in research methods for tobacco control. Dr. Vardavas has been a leader in European Tobacco Control and spearheaded large multinational cross-country initiatives to combat the tobacco epidemic by using science to support FCTC implementation at an EU Member State level. Before returning to Europe...