IPH | The Spectrum of Development Disorders: From Dyslexia to Autism

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In view of the World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), Ms. Savvaki, Director of the Dyslexia & Speech, Learning & Behavior Disorders Unit at the University Hospital of Heraklion, explained during her online lecture on the 30th March 2022, entitled “The Spectrum of Developmental Disorders from Learning Disabilities to Autism”, what parents, educators and therapists need to pay attention to when dealing with children who have difficulty communicating with the family and school environment. There is a number of scientific “tools” at our disposal, however, great care is needed in the application of these diagnostic methods. The tests are not fail-proof; sometimes they do nothing more than describe the problem, rather than explain it. And a lot of the parents are not psychologically prepared for a stressful diagnosis, concerning more or less severe conditions. The situation (guiding both the child and its parents) requires gentle handling, support and love on behalf of the medical experts. “These children are not sick. Improvement is possible, but it has its laws and we must explain them to the parents”, said Ms. Savvaki. “When we treat a child, we must never give up for any reason,” she concluded, even though, such a level of dedication requires a tremendous degree of commitment.


You can watch the lecture (in Greek) below: