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Giannis Tountas and Ioannis Antoniou, two expert scientists invited by the Institute of Public Health of the American College of Greece, discussed during their online lectures, on the 6th April afternoon, how a proper program of Health Education could, within the Greek educational system, significantly change the behavior of children and adolescents in matters of nutrition, self-care and avoidance of addictions, as well as help fight depression and improve school performance.


It is during childhood and especially in pre-adolescence that education can play a decisive role in the shaping of young people’s opinions, attitudes and behaviors toward health issues. Therefore, Health Education programs are much more effective when provided to young children in an organized school context. The need for further development of Health Education is imperative, since we are one of the European countries with the highest rates in adolescent smoking and obesity. Programs for the prevention of smoking, proper nutrition, exercise, sex education, etc., should become an indispensable part of schoolchildren’s daily life, so that they can gradually grow to realize the decisive influence that a healthy life-style can exert on their physical, psychological and social well-being.


You can watch the lecture (in Greek) below: