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Free Spirometry testing for Victims of the Attica Fires

In light of the recent tragic events by the Attica fires, The George D. Behrakis RESEARCH lab of the Hellenic Cancer Society, is offering free Spirometry testing to all victims. All those who were exposed to the harmful smoke or fires, with or without a history of respiratory conditions, who would like to check their...

Beach safety tips- 2018

A great thing about the summer, is that it is filled with fun at the beach! Read the tips below and be safe at the beach this summer. Pay attention to environmental conditions! Check weather conditions before you swim. For example, a lot of wind means big waves and currents, while storm and lightning means...

“Learning to be Smoke-free!”

English version of the elementary school notebook presented to H.E the President of the Hellenic Republic on July 5th, 2018 Our team at the George D. Behrakis Research Lab welcomed our benefactor Mr. Drake Behrakis, President of Marwick Associates and the National Hellenic Society of the United States to the Lab last week! During his...

July 17, 2018October 23, 2018In News

We moved!

The Lab recently changed locations from Dorileou 8 to Ipitou 17b in picturesque Plaka! We are now located a 5-minute walk from Syntagma station on the Ground floor of the Institute of Public Health-The American College of Greece Building Our contact information has not changed. We can still be reached by our original phone number...

April 3, 2018October 23, 2018In News

Would you like to have a smoke-free home?

Researchers at the “George D. Behrakis Research Lab” are looking for volunteers to participate in the “Tack-SHS” project that aims to examine exposure to second-hand smoke, in the residence of smokers. More information:  

March 23, 2018October 23, 2018In News

Editor’s Choice in Respirology

The Research Lab team is pleased to announce that our recently published article in the Respiratory Journal was recently chosen as Editor’s choice for the March 2018 Issue (Issue 23.3)! You can read our abstract below and access the full article on the RESPIROLOGY website. The news was also shared on Respoirology’s Twitter account! The Greek study...

March 5, 2018October 23, 2018In News

World Cancer Day – February 4th, 2018

What is Cancer? Cancer is a generic term for a group of diseases and can affect any body organ. Cancer arises from the interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Known environmental carcinogenic factors can be: Physical (ie. Ultraviolet radiation) Chemical (ie. Components of tobacco smoke) or Biological (ie. infections from viruses, bacteria or parasites) Presentation...


Influenza (also known as the flu) is a highly contagious illness for all ages and is spread easily from person to person by coughing, sneezing, or touching contaminated surfaces. Flu Symptoms Fever (temperature higher than 37.8ºC) that lasts 2-5 days Headache and muscle aches Fatigue Cough and sore throat may also be present Flu symptoms usually...



The Facts Measles is a highly contagious disease transmitted through human-to-human contact but also in public spaces, even in the absence of person-to-person contact. Following exposure, approximately 90 percent of susceptible individuals will develop measles. Symptoms of measles include: Fever Feeling sick, like with a cold Loss of appetite Spots in the mouth – These...


Free Spirometry Tests

The “George D. Behrakis Research Lab” of the Hellenic Cancer Society participated in the “Mind, Body, Spirit Fest 2017” event of the American College of Greece, offering free Spirometry tests to all staff and students. The event aimed at raising awareness in the ACG Community on health and wellness through activities focusing on health, exercise...

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