As of November the 1st 2015, through the Hellenic Cancer Society,  the Lab participates in  the TACK-SHS project, a Collaborative Project under the European Commission H2020 Framework Program.

The purpose of this project is to:
“Tackle secondhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions:
  • Exposure assessment, novel interventions, impact on lung diseases and economic burden in diverse European populations.”
“George D Behrakis Research Lab”, was appointed to implement the study:
  • “Clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions on the respiratory system”.
The Lab and the Hellenic Cancer Society also participate in the following work packages:
  • Environmental assessment of SHS exposure in private settings and outdoor settings according to country-specific smoke-free policies and socioeconomic characteristics
  • Survey on secondhand smoke and electronic cigarettes
  • Measuring for change: air quality eedback to reduce SHS exposure in the home and car
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke in experimental and real-life conditions: comparison of methods of measurement.
  • Secondhand exposure to emissions from electronic cigarettes: personal and environmental assessment in confined spaces
  • Economic impact of secondhand tobacco smoke on morbidity and mortality and Return on Investment of interventions

Official Site: www.tackshs.eu

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