Simplefsi – Aegean Cross 2017

11 speed-boats with members of the team departed from Lavrion port on April 27 and until May the 7th visited the islands of Kimolos, Sikinos, Shoinousa, Heraklia, Anafi, Telendos, Pserimos, Leipsoi and Arkioi.


In addition to the cultural and infrastructure donations, the team’s physicians offered consultations and diagnostic tests on each of the islands visited.

Anna Tzortzi, member of Simplefsi and Scientific Director of the “George D. Behrakis Research Lab”, participated as the team’s Pulmonologist.

In addition to medical consultations, all patients were offered a spirometry test using a portable spirometer provided by the Lab. Over 100 spirometry tests and physical examinations were performed . All smokers were offered smoking prevention and cessation information.