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Nektarios Anagnostopoulos

Pulmonologist MD

Nektarios Anagnostopoulos MD, obtained his medical degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical School(2009)

He is in his senior year of medical specialization training in Pulmonology, at the University Clinic of Athens Chest Disease Hospital “Sotiria”. In parallele he is working on his PhD research study entitled, “Study of the mechanical equivalent of quiet breathing, analysis of volume, flow and acceleration“.

The “George D. Behrakis RESEARCH LAB” provides the technical support for his study measurements. Having a special interest in Respiratory Physiology since the early years of his medical studies he joined the newly established Lab, where he obtained experience in lung function testing and has contributed to research through study protocol designs, measurements and manuscript preparation for the subsequent publications.

His past experience included working at Kyanous Stavros Hospital(2011 to date) and an on-site physician in the Aiantas sports facility in the Tavros, Attica(2009-2010).