Who We Are

Our Mission

To contribute and support tobacco prevention through scientific research, education and communication in national and international level.



  • Design, conduct and publish scientific research
  • Perform Lung Function Testing in clinical practice
  • Organise congresses and events with scientific and social content
  • Apply research, preventive programs and projects for tobacco control
  • Collaboration of the Lab and the Hellenic Cancer Society with National and International carriers of similar interests and scope

Clinical Practice and Research

  • Routine and sophisticated lung function tests with diagnostic consultation are offered to volunteers participating in research studies as well as upon referral
  • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT’s) are offered free of charge to those of limited means due to the financial crisis.

Educational Programs

  • School based  intervention seminars for tobacco prevention among student population
  • Panhellenic School Conference for Tobacco Prevention yearly
  • Experiential Workshops [+]