European & International Projects

The George D. Behrakis RESEARCH LAB of the Hellenic Cancer Society
is qualified and certified to coordinate and participate in
European & International Projects.


The purpose of this project is to:
“Tackle secondhand tobacco smoke and e-cigarette emissions:
  • Exposure assessment, novel interventions, impact on lung diseases and economic burden in diverse European populations.”
“George D Behrakis Research Lab”, was appointed to implement the study:
  • “Clinical impact of passive exposure to e-cigarettes emissions on the respiratory system”
The Lab and the Hellenic Cancer Society also participate in the following work packages:
  • Environmental assessment of SHS exposure in private settings and outdoor settings according to country-specific smoke-free policies and socioeconomic characteristics
  • Survey on secondhand smoke and electronic cigarettes
  • Measuring for change: air quality eedback to reduce SHS exposure in the home and car
  • Secondhand tobacco smoke in experimental and real-life conditions: comparison of methods of measurement.
  • Secondhand exposure to emissions from electronic cigarettes: personal and environmental assessment in confined spaces
  • Economic impact of secondhand tobacco smoke on morbidity and mortality and Return on Investment of interventions

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The TPD lays down rules governing the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products. The TPD stipulates that Member States shall require manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to submit to their competent authorities information, via a common entry gate (EU-CEG) – an IT tool designed to ensure uniform application of the reporting and notification obligations, harmonise the submission of data, facilitate comparison and reduce administrative burden.

The general objective of the Joint Action on Tobacco Control will be to provide support for the implementation of the TPD throughout the 28 EU MS through the mining of EU-CEG data, supporting of laboratory collaborations and effort to evaluate priority additives.

The specific aims of the project are:
  • To ensure appropriate coordination and evaluation
  • To support the dissemination of information to the public, regulators and researchers.
  • To enhance the ease of access to the data collected through the EU CEG
  • To monitor and provide support to the tasks of tobacco and e-cigarette product regulation
  • Assist EU MS networking and collaborations between laboratories for tobacco evaluation.
  • Support EU MS in the process of monitoring and updating priority additives
  • To integrate the JATC results into national policies

With the above in mind, this proposal comes at a perfect timing to aid the regulatory activities that would be needed across the EU MS with regards to the implementation of the TPD across 28 EU MS spanning a population of 508 Million people”.



Prevention and Cessation of smoking in Greece.

In the context of this project, “The Greek Tobacco Epidemic” book was published in 2011. In addition, the 1st “Student Conference and Competition” was designed, developed and held in Athens. Since then, it has become an established annual event with continued success over the past 7 Pan-Hellenic student conferences. Having been held in both Athens and Thessaloniki, the conference is accompanied by a friendly student competition wherein students are invited to share their creative expressions via painting, video, or creative writing piece on a given theme referring to smoking health effects or prevention.


In the frame of the HEART II project were designed and developed:
  • The school based interventions implemented in the 3 cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Tegea Tripolis
  • ​The “LEARN NOT TO SMOKE” notebook for primary students
  • The “CALENDAR NOTEBOOK” for gymnasium students