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The Facts Measles is a highly contagious disease transmitted through human-to-human contact but also in public spaces, even in the absence of person-to-person contact. Following exposure, approximately 90 percent of susceptible individuals will develop measles. Symptoms of measles include: Fever Feeling sick, like with a cold Loss of appetite Spots in the mouth – These...


Free Spirometry Tests

The “George D. Behrakis Research Lab” of the Hellenic Cancer Society participated in the “Mind, Body, Spirit Fest 2017” event of the American College of Greece, offering free Spirometry tests to all staff and students. The event aimed at raising awareness in the ACG Community on health and wellness through activities focusing on health, exercise...


Institute of Public Health ACG – 3rd Series of Lectures

Influenza Round Table Discussion Invitation The Institute of Public Health of the American College of Greece launches the 3rd series of lectures (2017-2018) with a round table discussion entitled “Influenza: Recent Advances”, taking place on Wednesday October 11th, at 19.00. Please click here for the final program of the 3rd Series of Lectures 2017-2018

October 5, 2017October 23, 2018In Lectures

Influenza Round Table Discussion

The Institute of Public Health of the American College of Greece launched the 3rd series of lectures (2017-2018) with a round table discussion entitled “Influenza: Recent Advances”, on Wednesday October 11th 2017. .

September 28, 2017October 23, 2018In Lectures

Free Spirometry Day

In light of World Cancer day 2017, the Lab, in collaboration with the Hellenic Cancer Society and the SmokeFreeGreece Action, organized and held two separate awareness campaigns: On January 31st at the “Aggigma Zois” Association where the Lab provided over 30 free spirometry tests and medical consultations to the members. On February 4th at the “Golden...


Simplefsi – Aegean Cross 2017

11 speed-boats with members of the team departed from Lavrion port on April 27 and until May the 7th visited the islands of Kimolos, Sikinos, Shoinousa, Heraklia, Anafi, Telendos, Pserimos, Leipsoi and Arkioi.   In addition to the cultural and infrastructure donations, the team’s physicians offered consultations and diagnostic tests on each of the islands...

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